Bespoke Furniture.

Friends First in-house workshop specialises in furniture made from local reclaimed and upcycled materials.


Friends First work to almost any design and style, offering materials and finishes specified by the client. We have the flexibility to prepare bespoke items such as alcove shelving, fireplace fittings, and furniture designed for a specific space requirement.


As we offer a bespoke service the manufacture period is timed in-line with producing an item that is unique; of beauty and durability; with a quality of finish.


Friends First provide work experience placements to people facing barriers to employment, our ‘trainees’ are part of Friends First working teams. Friends First teams are always supervised by a trained and competent person.


The income generated through these activities goes back into the work of the charity - supporting, preparing for employment, and housing disadvantaged adults.


If you would like to discuss an individual piece or project please call 01273 840880, or use our ‘Contact Us’ page and we will call you back.