Pathways to Employment.

Paid employment is a pivotal factor in seeing disadvantaged people break away from dependance and enter into greater freedom and hope for their futures.

Where an individual is able to demonstrate a genuine desire to gain employment, no matter the barriers they might face, Friends First will offer that individual the opportunity to become a Friends First ‘trainee’.

Friends First operate a number of small enterprising initiatives, offering our trainees access to real work environments, whilst providing income for the charities long-term sustainability, these include:

  • buildings maintenance
  • small construction projects
  • carpentry
  • catering services
  • cleaning services
  • office and facilities support services

Friend First work experience placements, each led by a Friends First Team Leader, are geared toward developing each trainee's employability and work skills, ultimately to support their entry into sustainable employment.

Placements are reviewed at six weekly intervals to ensure that each trainee maintains a sense of forward momentum. Reviews are where each trainees performance is asssessed, goals are set, and longer-term aspirations are discussed and begin to shape each persons journey through the Pathway.

Friends First also partner with local employers and organisations who are willing to engage our ‘graduates’ in focused work experience trials, further education, and in some cases paid employment.

By utilising our own enterprising initiatives, combined with local business partnerships, Friends First are able to offer those finding it difficult to access the world of work a “hand up” and a fresh start across a diverse range of working environments, making Friends First a genuine place of opportunity.