Pathways to Housing.

Brighton & Hove is a vibrant, diverse, creative, and attractive city in which to live.

However, 30% of working age adults in Brighton & Hove are economically inactive, house prices are on average 10.9 times the average wage in the city, and property rental rates are among the most expensive in the country.

Brighton & Hove continues to face an increasing homelessness problem, one of the worst in the UK outside of London, this in part due to the very real challenges of simply living in the city.


The economic downturn, worklessness and soaring demand for limited affordable housing, has created more and more need for housing solutions that look ‘outside of the box’ to give people, during a time when they find themselves most in need, a sense of safety and security.


Friends First has over a decade of experience in housing local vulnerable adults and homeless people, understanding that safe accommodation is a pivotal factor in helping people to rebuild their lives.


No longer a housing provider itself, Friends First uses its experience to engage and partner with socially minded property owners and investors who are willing to support local disadvantaged people to access safe and affordable housing.


Friends First does this by supporting the property owners themselves, taking on the more intensive housing management of their properties and linking them with tenants, whilst training local people willing to voluntarily mentor and befriend those resident within the properties.


The people Friends First work with, who are in need of accommodation, must be willing and motivated to work toward paid employment and be actively engaged in volunteering, training, or education throughout their stay.

The combination of our experience and work-readiness training, property investment partnerships, and volunteer mentoring, enables Friends First to contribute toward the increase of safe and affordable housing in the city, link people with need to support whilst helping them to achieve paid employment and hope for their futures.