Friends First trainees may have faced difficult circumstances in their lives but all display a determination not be defined by their past, coupled with an inspiring resilience and tenacity to see positive change in their lives.


Harnessing this kind of energy gives Friends First a committed volunteer workforce making our organisation a place of change and opportunity.


Friends First are motivated to work with employers looking for roles to be fulfilled within their organisations. From low skilled manual work through to technical based back office functions Friends First trainees can have a wide range of experience and talents.


If you or your organisation has it in mind to not simply offer employment but to offer someone a “hand up” and a fresh start then we would be excited to talk more with you about the opportunities you have or may have in the future.


Friends First do not make any charge to align appropriately skilled and reliable trainees with a potential employment opportunity.


If you, your business, or your organisation would like to discuss an employment opportunity please call 01273 840880, or use our ‘Contact Us’ page and we will call you back.