who can apply.

Friends First understand that there can be many barriers to people gaining employment and that over time a person's confidence can only take so many knocks.


No matter the barriers you face, your background, or the time you might feel you need,  if you are motivated to move toward employment and are able to volunteer at least one day a week, Friends First could offer you a turning point in your search for paid work and a brighter future.

Friends First offer a wide range of opportunities, from maintenance, construction and furniture manufacture, through to catering, office work, and conference centre experiences.


The programme is open to applicants who identify with one or a number of the below:


  • have experienced long term unemployment or faced barriers to employment e.g low self confidence or having a criminal record

  • have found it difficult to sustain full-time employment

  • have experienced homelessness

  • have been dependent on substances

  • have experienced relational or emotional difficulties

  • have found it difficult to sustain independent living

Eligibility Criteria

  • men and women over 18

  • currently living free of misusing drink and drugs

  • motivated to engage with a work based training programme


  • housed, in temporary accommodation or currently homeless

  • aspiring to achieve paid employment and independent living